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Science, Grade 6
Ciencia, Grado 6

I look forward to working with your child this year. Every day the student will write down in their planner what we are doing in class that day.
They will take their planner home every day after school for you to review.  This is the best way for you to know, and I want you to know, what they are learning in my class. They will also write down the homework asignment, as they will have homework every night, and you can check to see that they are doing it. Ask them to show it to you each night and briefly tell you what they did in Science class that day. Please become familiar with their planner. I will also include teacher comments and/or recommendations in their planner as necessary. Tests will usually occur on Thursdays. Look in your child's Planner for each test date.
I want your child to succeed in school and be all that they can be.
Please view the Homework page for a list of all required homework assignments.

Espero trabajar con su niño este año. Cada día que el estudiante anotará en su Planificador lo que hacemos en la clase ese día. Ellos tomarán a su planificador en casa cada día después de que la escuela para usted revisar. Esto es la mejor manera para usted saber, y deseo que usted sepa, lo que ellos aprenden en mi clase. Ellos también anotarán el asignment de deberes, como ellos tendrán los deberes cada noche, y usted pueden verificar para ver que ellos lo hacen. Pida que ellos muestrenlole cada noche y brevemente le digan lo que ellos hicieron en la clase de la Ciencia ese día. Llegue a ser por favor familiarizado con su planificador. Yo también incluiré los comentarios de maestro y/o recomendaciones en su planificador como sea necesario. Examines en Jueves. Miran en los Planificadores para las fechas de los examines.
Deseo que su niño consiga la escuela y sea todo que ellos pueden ser.


Phone: 936.709.7300
Metro: 832.482.6274
Fax: 936.709.7313

Conference time: Call Front Office to schedule     

Scope and Sequence 2015-2016    (Tests will usually occur on Thursdays. Look in your child's Planner for each test date.)

              Quarter (grading period)
           Week / Topic Scope and Sequence

                !st Quarter
1 Lab Safety and Lab Tools
2 Measurement and Graphing
3 Investigations
4 Calculate Density
5 Chemical and Physical Changes
6 Elements
7 Compounds
8 Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids

    2nd Quarter
 1 Force and Motion
 2 Calculating Speed
 3 Graphing Motion
 4 Review Week
 5 Inclined Planes and Pulleys
 6 Potential and kinetic Energy
 7 Energy Transformations
 8 Thermal Energy

    3rd Quarter
 1 Energy Resources
 2 Layers of the Earth
 3 Plate Tectonics
 4  Plate Boundries
 5 Physical Properties of Minerals
 6 Rock Cycle
 7 Properties and Location of the Solar System
 8 Movement of the solar System
 9 Space Exploration and History
10 Review Concepts

    4th Quarter
 1 Microscopes
 2 Cells
 3 Organism Domains and Nutrition
 4 Mode of Reproduction
 5 Kingdoms and Classification Sort
 6 Biotic and Abiotic
 8 STAAR Testing Week
 9 Ecosystem levels of Organization
10 Ecosystem Inquiry
11 Review concepts

CHAMPS - Road to Success


Whole Group

Teacher Instruction  

Small Group

Independent Work


Lab Rotations


0-1 Voice Level

2 Voice Level

0 Voice Level

0 Voice Level

0-1 Voice Level


Ask your shoulder or face partner and raise your hand

Ask group and

raise your hand

Re-read directions and raise your hand

Raise your hand

Review instructions.

Ask partner(s) and raise your hand if you still need help.


Taking notes and completing whole group task

Complete assigned task

Work quietly on assigned task

Focus and take your time on your test/quiz

Rotate quickly and quietly if lab requires movement

(see Movement)


Remain in your seat

Remain in your seat and move to pick up materials and clean up lab

Remain in your seat and raise hand to sharpen pencil or say you are finished with the assignment

Remain in your seat and move to hand in work

Rotate as instructed to your next station


Raise your hand and participate in discussions

Cooperate with your group and participate in discussions

Do your best and work on assigned task quietly

Try your hardest and quietly work on test/quiz

Engage and begin working. Do your best.







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